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There’s one person who isn’t screaming for the charges to be dropped

After the document dump, the usual suspects from the right-wing blogs on one side, and Alan Dershowitz et. al. on the other have opined that the State has no case at all, and the charges against George Zimmerman must absolutely absolutely be dropped immediately lest all justice be extinguished on Earth. Yet one voice is absent from this chorus: Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Meara. He has cautioned everyone to stay calm. He seems quite sure Angela Corey is still holding onto her ‘good stuff’. He intimates that he will not be surprised at all if some material quite detrimental to his client materializes. And he maintains, as he has all along, that he expects the case to go to trial.

Really smart guy, that Mark O’Mara. Keeps his powder dry (so to speak), won’t shoot till he sees the whites of their eyes (ok enough gun tropes), knows when to hold, knows when to fold ’em. I wonder if he likes George Zimmerman. I’m sure he’ll never tell. But I have the feeling that right now he’s the only person in the world actually looking out for George Zimmerman the human being, as opposed to George Zimmerman the cause, or George the prodigal son. I kind of want to see him in action in the courtroom, but then I feel foolish because what I really want is for Bill and Ted to show up back on February 26th, waylay Trayvon Martin for a few minutes with some excellent humor, so George Zimmerman goes onto Target to buy whatever he needed to buy, and Chad Green gets to taste some of those tangy Skittles.

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