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Ferguson Open Thread

December 2, 2014 111 comments

Good post to DailyKos about the audio recording of the shots proving Wilson is lying.

“The Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment does not attach in a grand jury proceeding, or bar a grand jury from returning an indictment when a prior grand jury has refused to do so” – per Wikipedia.

With the info on the audio, the revelations about witness #10, the unconstitutional jury instruction, and more BS coming out all the time. the governor of Missouri has more than enough justification to appoint a special prosecutor to re-open the case. Most legal experts seem to think the DOJ lacks the ability to do anything, as there is no proof of a civil rights violation (as the law is defined). Thus, while a wrongful death civil suit remains possible for the Brown family, pressure to appoint a special prosecutor at the State level would be the most likely way Wilson could still face criminal charges.

Even if, as we might imagine, the governor would decline to appoint a new prosecutor, a vigorous campaign urging him to do so would put continued focus both on McCulloch’s intentional pass, and on the evidence of Wilson’s lying and probable guilt — which has only now entered the public record with the release of the material presented to the grand jury.

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