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Depraved Mind? Consider me skeptical

I have to confess that as time goes on the Old hippie inside me is getting a higher level of Bad Vibes from George Zimmerman. But this blog isn’t about vibes. In the post below, I brought up the possibility, just a possibility, that Trayvon Martin might indeed have spent the last 45 seconds of his life screaming for help while staring at the barrel of George Zimmerman’s 9mm pistol. Now, if that did in fact happen, would that mean George Zimmerman cold-heartedly executed Trayvon Martin? Not at all.

Back down in the Two Narratives post I noted that personal histories are among the evidence we have to consider in this case. George Zimmerman is a far from perfect guy. He’s got some “issues.” Could he have snapped and done something unthinkably horrible? I suppose. Is it likely given what we know about him? I highly doubt it. Perhaps I’ll put it anecdotally and say that I’ve known quite a few people who are more screwed up than George Zimmerman, and along some similar lines, and none of them are violent.

So lets just follow the chain of events of the possible explanation I offered below. The scenario makes no assumption about who started the fight. It suggests that at the beginning of the struggle Trayvon Martin had the upper hand, and was able at least to knock Zimmerman down, possibly causing the larger cut on the back of his head as the older man’s head the ground, and he got at least one good pop in on Zimmerman’s nose. A few additional blows may have caused Zimmerman’s other various cuts, scrapes and scratches. All of this damage could have been inflicted very quickly, in less than 10 seconds. Then, the hypothesis goes, Zimmerman uses his superior weight and upper body strength to engineer a reversal, and having gained the advantage unholsters his pistol and points it at Martin to stop the fight.

This is not a TV cop show or an action movie. This is real life. I’d guess George Zimmerman has never pointed a loaded pistol at another human being in anger before. I’d guess that Trayvon Martin has never seen a loaded pistol pointed at him in anger before. I’d guess that both men are scared absolutely out of their minds, and are acting anything but cool, calm and collected. I’d guess Zimmerman is so shaky he can’t say anything, much less “I’m the Neighborhood Watch captain and the Police are on the way!” And I’m guessing that Trayvon can only see a gun as imminent death, and he totally freaks out and just starts screaming. He expects Zimmerman to fire immediately, but Zimmerman doesn’t, because, well, he doesn’t want to kill the punk asshole kid,  just hold him until the cops come. But this delay just confuses Trayvon even more, freaks him out even more. Zimmerman is confused as well: the punk is not acting like a punk on TV, he’s screaming and hollering like a crazy man, like HE’S the victim, like he thinks George is some deranged pervert serial killer. ( Certainly one element of this incident is that Zimmerman had No Clue Whatsoever as to the kind of assumptions a teenager might make about the intent of a burly intimidating looking man, who, after watching him with the evil eye for awhile, began chasing him.) So Zimmerman’s basically frozen, not knowing what to do about this wailing psycho skell he’s captured, and he just keeps pointing the gun at him, hoping the cops arrive. Damn, they never get here on time!

And then I’d guess, figuring it’s his last and only chance to survive, Trayvon does finally try to take Zimmerman’s gun away. It doesn’t work. Zimmerman reacts by reflex and fires into Trayvon’s chest.

Now, again, this is all just wild conjecture about a way things might have occurred differently from how Team Z has presented them. My point being that unless someone comes up with a substantive offer of proof that George Zimmerman had worse intent on his mind, what I’ve offered above is basically the worst case scenario for Zimmerman’s culpability that makes sense to me, knowing what I do about the man’s history and temperment. And I don’t see a depraved mind there. I just see a guy who’s seen too many Law and Order reruns and gotten in way over his head.

If anything like this did happen, I’ll blame George Zimmerman less than I’ll blame the people who allowed him and encouraged him to carry a 9mm pistol on a shopping trip to Target.

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