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Big raw scene map

For anyone interested in making their own crime scene map, there’s a high res wide-area aerial view of The Retreat here:

It doesn’t have a scenario on it. There are labels for some of the key locations, but it’s a Photoshop file with everything in layers so it’s easily editable. The locations are marked in color and the underlying map is in black and white, but there’s a color layer under that, so you can just turn off the b+w layer to see things in color.

There are also ardage scales running from the clubhouse over to East RVC, down the vertical leg of TTL, and down the ‘alley’ sidewalk. This should make it easier to calculate total distances TM or GZ would have traveled, moving at different speeds along those routes, matching those to the time info embedded in the calls, etc.

I’ll be using it in future posts myself.

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