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BCC List Diaspora part 7

March 22, 2013 344 comments

Keepin’ on keepin’ on…

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The off-topic comic relief Zimmerman case limerick thread

March 14, 2013 11 comments

I’m in the mood for a little comic relief, and wondering if others feel a similar inclination. So I thought some limericks might be in order. (??)

Two lawyers O’Mara and West
Had a client who wasn’t the best
They tried and they tried
But their guy always lied
In private, “We’re fucked” they confessed.

Contribute your own verse if you feel so inclined. No comments (or literary criticism, positive or negative) in this thread please, just ‘poetry.’

If you want to do Haiku or throw down some iambic pentameter, feel free. Or ‘Mad’/ Weird Al type parody lyrics to the tune of familiar songs. I don’t want to straightjacket anyone’s creativity. 🙂

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BCC List Diaspora part 6

March 12, 2013 293 comments

Whee ha. I’ve just earned my merit badge (pun intended) by being banned on TalkLeft.

Good Stalinist that she is, Jeralyn will apparently be erasing my offending comments. (E.g. I pointed out that W6 may have credibility issues with a jury due to his multiple contradictory statements. I believe I said if there are cracks in DeeDee’s statements, then there are crevices the size of the Snake River Canyon in John’s.)

Now, if someone actually wanted to help George Zimmerman’s defense, they would be taking a cold hard look at the strengths and weaknesses of different interpretations of evidence and testimony, and trying to figure out how to counter-argue against potential prosecution strategies. But the only thing that happens at TalkLeft is summary dismissal of any discussion Jeralyn and her sycophants don’t like. Well, I’m betting they get a dose of reality when (if?) GZ goes to trial, and I’ll just have to gloat from here.

**anticipatory snicker**

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

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BCClist diaspora, thread 5

March 6, 2013 308 comments

Here you go…

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BCCList Diaspora Post #4

March 1, 2013 236 comments

With over 300 comments on part 3, it’s time for a new thread, continuing the general discussion of all things Martin-Zimmerman case related.

I can’t help but observe that the same week of the one year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, the Supreme Court seems poised to overturn crucial aspects of the Voting Rights Act. Possible food for thought? The relationship of the micro to the macro? E.g. is our investment in this case a ‘bread and circuses’ distraction taking our attention away from more important if less dramatic issues, or does one help us better understand the other? No need for anyone to comment on this unless you feel like it. Just went through my head as I opened the new thread.

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