About whonoze

whonoze is a retired college professor. He taught film/video/audio/web production, and film/pop culture/ new media theory and criticism at a variety of colleges and universities between 1979 and 2009. He has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the School of Journalism of a major research university. He’d say which one, but he thinks a measure of anonymity is proper discretion for a blog on a hot button topic.

whonoze was never a ‘newsperson’ himself, but he has co-created a number of award-winning (and not particularly political BTW) documentary films. He has taught an occasional  journalism class in his time, but more importantly is well versed in the scholarly literature on the sociology of news, and mass media in general.

As an independent media-maker, and long-time tech geek, he is very well versed in audio and video technologies, photography chemical and digital, computer manipulation of the previous, and other stuff of that sort.

He may seem like a know-it-all, but he’s actually pretty careful about what he says. He’s not a bluffer. He actually does know a lot about a lot of stuff. He’d probably be pretty good on Jeopardy. If he says he knows, he’s most likely right. If he speculates, he tries to make sure he labels his thoughts as such. There’s a lot of stuff whonoze doesn’t know beans about. He doesn’t write about that stuff.

He has also taught public speaking, and is quite well versed in the craft of argumentation. If you pick an argument with whonoze, you’ll probably lose on merit, and find yourself retreating into BS responses like ad hominem attacks, strawman attacks, or attempts to change the subject. So just don’t go there unless you know what you’re doing.

if you think whonoze is egotistical, realize you’re just looking at one little slice of a human beings life, in this case, the stuff whonoze is actually good at. It’s a fairly small slice of the pie overall, and whonoze readily admits that when it comes to the rest of the pie he’s nothing to write home about. Overall, he’s kinda pathetic, and, trust me, most of you wouldn’t want to trade places with him and walk in his Goodwill-bought shoes.

whonoze’ list of the things that really smart people know

1. You don’t know everything. And we’re not just talking about the mysteries of the cosmos nobody knows. We’re talking about all the stuff other people know.
2. Even if you’re the smartest person in the room at the moment, there’s another room somewhere with somebody smarter than you, especially when we limit the domain to whatever subject you’re dealing with at the moment.
3. You will be wrong sometimes. You will make mistakes.
4. The right move in the wake of mistakes or being wrong is to admit your error. Acting defensive and trying to cover your butt just digs you deeper into a hole. If you really are smart you won’t be wrong all that often, so owning up to it shouldn’t undermine your ethos, but rather actually add to your credibility.
5. In the larger scheme of life, being really smart isn’t really worth all that much. By itself, it doesn’t make you happy, or any better at handling the other many challenges of life. A lot of people who aren’t that bright think they’re a lot smarter than they are. They tend to be disinclined to admit to themselves that you’re smarter than they are (fail on point 2), and inclined to get resentful. These folks tend to fail to see what other gifts they have that you DON’T have. You could point that out to them, of course, but that display of wisdom on your part only makes things worse. So, if you really are smart — unless you’re unusually blessed with other assets like charm, charisma, tact, dead calm emotional reserve — when it comes to most social situations, you’re basically fucked.