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Thoughts after week 1 of the Zimmerman trial

June 30, 2013 182 comments

Trying to put the witness testimony together (and I admit I lost concentration for parts of it and haven’t reviewed the YT videos of the trial) here’s what I have so far:

We can be pretty sure that TM was lying face down with his hands under his body, with GZ on top of him, at some point after the gunshot, and that GZ got up and walked away from this position. We cannot say, from witness testimony, what position the two men were in at the time of the gunshot or in the seconds leading up to it. Jayne Surdyka seems to be the only witness who may have been observing the scene at the moment of the shot, but her memory of that instant is confused. She testified she was on the phone with 911 when the shot went off, and we know she was not. She also testified that TM was lying face down at the moment of the shot, and we know that that is impossible. So she seems to have projected the sight of TM lying face down when GZ got up back in time in her memory. Assuming that John Good is now telling something resembling the truth, it would seem he only saw the beginning of the struggle. If Jenna Lauer was able to clearly hear him yelling at TM and GZ, then his voice ought to be audible in her 911 call if he did so during the call. It’s not, so we can conclude he had already turned away and headed upstairs with his fiance before Lauer’s call connected, meaning Good did not see any of the 45 seconds leading up to the gunshot.

Thus based on witness testimony alone, it would seem that the State has enough to establish GZ’s statements about the shooting are false, but not enough to disprove self-defense BRD. GZ can admit that either Trayvon rolled over after the shot, or that he rolled him over, and that he got on top of the youth’s body believing he still needed to restrain him. However, he could still maintain that he was underneath TM and in fear for his life when he fired. Establishing that he made statements about events after the gunshot does not prove the state of events at the time of the shot. At the same time, Good’s testimony does not help the Defense establish a positive case for self-defense, since the State should be able to argue effectively that whatever he saw was not proximate enough to the shot, or the screams for that matter, to be telling.

Even if the jury accepts Rachel Jeantel’s account that GZ approached TM rather than TM assaulting GZ, that would not in-and-of-itself disprove the self-defense claim. Even if GZ started the physical confrontation, since he had injuries (however small) and TM had none, the Defense can argue that GZ was merely trying to restrain TM until the police arrived, and TM was the physical aggressor once they tumbled to the ground. GZ may be able to morph his story from “He bashed my head into the sidewalk, punched me repeatedly, and tied to smother me,” into “After I fell to the ground I was dazed and it FELT LIKE he was bashing my head into the sidewalk, beating my face, and trying to smother me. If there’s none of my DNA on his hands, maybe he didn’t actually do all that. Maybe he was just flailing his arms out at me, and just banged me around a little bit in doing so. Maybe that’s possible. But I’m telling you THAT’S WHAT IT FELT LIKE AND I WAS TRULY IN MORTAL FEAR! And maybe he wasn’t reaching for my weapon. Maybe he just brushed my side by accident. But I was sure he was going for the gun, and even if I’d thought about it, which I didn’t, that wasn’t a chance I could take, now was it?!” Of course, GZ himself is unlikely to take the stand and say any of this, but surely his attorneys could float such a line of argument in their closing statement.

I’m not saying I think such a tack would necessarily work and GZ will be acquitted. I’m saying there’s a CHANCE that if the State can’t nail the case with forensics it might work well enough to result in a hung jury if not an outright acquittal.

(It’s not easy for the prosecution to meet it’s burden in a big trial. I watched most of the O.J. trial, and when all was said and done I didn’t think the State met it’s burden, and I thought the jury brought back a reasonable verdict. I didn’t follow the Anthony case, but from I read and heard about it afterward I think that verdict was reasonable as well, as in ‘Okay, you proved BRD that Casey is a lying psycho bitch, and I don’t think she’s INNOCENT, but since you didn’t even have a cause of death, and couldn’t prove that the damn duct-tape you went on and on about wasn’t applied post-mortem by the loony-tunes guy that found Caylee’s body in an area that had already been searched, you didn’t prove BRD that Casey did it, and I’m gonna have to hold my nose and vote Not Guilty.’)

A very steep burden of proof still lies with the prosecution, FL law seeming to not have the sort of “affirmative defense” requirements for self-defense claims common in other states. Thus, with the witness testimony as inconclusive as it is regarding the actual gunshot, it seems to me the State’s case for Murder 2, or even Manslaughter, will depend almost entirely on forensics: the trajectory of the bullet through TM’s body and the potential inconsistency of this this with GZ lying on the ground and TM straddled atop him; the bullet holes in the clothing establishing that GZ had a hold of TM’s hoodie at the time of the shot per LLMPapa’s analysis; GZ’s lack of anything resembling life-threatening injuries; the path of the blood trails on the back of his head, and so on. The only non-forensic evidence that seems to definitively belie the claim of self-defense — i.e. GZ’s claim of fear for his life at the moment he pulled the trigger — is the identification of the screams as Trayvon’s by his friends and family, and the marked difference between the screams and GZ’s recorded exemplar. This will, of course, be somewhat offset by everyone who knows GZ claiming the screams belong to him…

Have I missed anything so far? (I mean, folks at the Lounge can think that GZ’s lies and circumstantial evidence alone will bring a sure conviction, but I don’t think they’re capable of putting aside their wishful thinking and seeing this case through a cold objective light reflecting off a real Florida jury in a real Florida courtroom…)

It seems to me that that the evidence of the clubhouse videos, the map-and-watch evidence that proves GZ’s statements and “re-enactment” to be false, the possible evidence of a ‘tip-off’ that may lie in GZ’s phone records… all go to proving ill-will on his part, and mendacity of course, but that these are not elements that establish criminal homicide itself, only that establish the depraved mind necessary for a Murder 2 conviction as opposed to manslaughter once self-defense is dis-proved BRD.

For as vile as I consider George Zimmerman to be, I still cannot imagine him setting out that evening to shoot anyone. My basic theory of the crime remains the same: GZ was alerted to the presence of an unidentified young black male in a hoodie “acting suspiciously” by some other resident of RATL (or possibly Mark Osterman, but unlikely). His judgement clouded and his anger piqued by alcohol, GZ set out to make sure THIS asshole didn’t get away. This time, damnit, he wasn’t going to be passive and wait for the cops to come since they’re always too late. Knowing damn well he wasn’t supposed to, he got out of his car to follow TM through the back walkways of the complex, and knowing damn well Sean Noffke’s “we don’t need you to do that” meant ‘don’t do that!’, he was going to track that fucking coon anyway if he could. He didn’t give up when he lost sight of TM, probably because he knew TM hadn’t reached the back gate, and he kept searching. His adrenaline really started to pump when he spied TM again, and this time… this time the kid didn’t run. The tension built inside GZ’s head and his chest as he got closer and closer. Then the kid turned around and verbally challenged HIM! No sir, that’s not the way it goes, Asshole! YOU answer to ME! So GZ retorted, and not politely, “What are you doing around here!” As I’ve said before, my guess is that GZ probably got up in TM’s face, and TM pushed him away, at which point GZ grabbed him, they went down to the ground and the “wrestling” began. Regardless of exactly what happened, the over-arching driver of the conflict was that GZ expected TM to bend sharply to his will, and TM wasn’t having any of that shit from a pervert Crazy Ass Cracker. But GZ was incapable of imagining how he might have appeared to TM. How dare this Asshole push me! How dare he get me down on the ground and soil my spiffy red jacket in the wet grass! I will show him my bouncer mojo! So GZ grabs one of TM’s flailing limbs, and bends his wrist, elbow, or shoulder into a position of excruciating pain. Surely this will make this asshole coon yield to my authoritah! But no, he struggles still, and he’s screaming like a banshee when he should shut the fuck up and give up! And then, at some point well into the screaming, I think Trayvon gets his left hand free and somehow gets one decent pop onto the right side of GZ’s nose. Nowhere near hard or on target enough to break the nose, or even to skin TM’s knuckles, but just good enough to sting (and cause some swelling). At that point GZ’s rage bubbles over, he pulls his Kel-tec, sticks it right into the chest of Trayvon’s hoodie and pulls the trigger.

Now, I’m sure many of my dozen or so readers on this blog may think events “went down” differently than I’ve hypothesized above. Regardless, the key question seems to me, what can the State establish BRD about Zimmerman’s actions in the 60 seconds leading up to the gunshot? I doubt they can prove my scenario, or any other. If GZ did have TM in a pain inducing hold, there is no forensic evidence of it AFAIK. GZ wasn’t tested for drugs or alcohol. Etc. Etc.

When all is said and done, even if there are holes in the prosecution’s forensic evidence, the jury might well be convinced that GZ is such a conniving sociopathic rotter that they’ll convict him anyway. But it’s hardly a sure thing. I sure hope BDLR and crew have some bitchin’ forensics lined up, because even without SYG, Florida really seems to stack the deck in favor of self-defense claims (and that too traces back to our good friends in the NRA and ALEC, methinks…)

Your thoughts?

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About that photo of George Zimmerman’s bloody and “broken” nose… part 2

June 29, 2013 8 comments

In my last post (part 1) I noted the anatomical anomalies that lead me to believe the photo of George Zimmerman’s nose injuries taken by Officer Michael Wagner of the Sanford Police Department shortly after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin has been altered in some sort of photo editing software, i.e. “Photoshopped.” Here again is the comparison between Zimmerman’s nose in the Wagner photo, and his nose as seen several hours later at the Sanford Police Station.


Assuming I’m right, and the Wagner photo has been manipulated, several questions arise: How could this have happened? Why would anyone do this? What role will it play during Zimmerman’s trial?

The HOW is pretty easy. I recapped the documented provenance of the photo in the last post, and I’ll repeat it here: According to official State documents, the photo was taken by Officer Michael Wagner of the Sanford Police at  7:31PM on the evening of February 26, 2012. Zimmerman had been taken into custody by SPD officer Timothy Smith, handcuffed and placed in the back seat of Smith’s squad car. Zimmerman had not yet been seen by the paramedics, who would later clean up and dress his wounds. Wagner took the photo with his personal iPhone4. According to the records, he took the phone home, uploaded the photo to his computer, erased it from the phone, and then forgot that he had it. He claims he only remembered having the photo some three weeks later when the investigators on the case mentioned that they had no pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries before he was attended to by the EMTs. On March 18th, 2012, Wagner turned the photo over to the investigators via email. So that’s almost three weeks between the time the photo was snapped and the time it became part of the official evidence collection of the investigation. That’s plenty of time for Wagner to have shown it to other people privately, for other members of the SPD to decide they needed to goose some evidence to cover their decision to let Zimmerman go without charging him, to recruit someone skilled in photo editing to doctor the image, and for that person to come up with a fairly convincing looking manipulation.

I’ll talk more about the technical details of the Wagner  photo in the next post. But in summary here I’ll note that in TECHNICAL terms, unlike the anatomical anomalies I noted in the previous post, there are no obvious and telling signs of “Photoshopping” that jump out from it. If indeed the photo has been doctored, it would have taken a lot of time, care and skill to make it appear as authentic as it does. I use Photoshop a good bit. Though I’m hardly a retouching expert, I can’t imagine that any alterations to this photo could have done quickly. I would guess at a minimum they would have taken several long days of work and much trial and error. If the photo had gone right into evidence, we would be hard pressed to question it. But a lot of devious digital dickering can be accomplished in a 20 day window.

The WHY of this is much harder to fathom. One strong argument against the idea of the photo having been manipulated is it just doesn’t make much sense for anyone to do that. The risk/reward ration seems all wrong. In a first glance at the Wagner photo, I think we take the whole thing in at once as a gestalt, and nothing seems obviously amiss. But once we focus in on that nose bridge specifically, the manipulation appears (to me anyway) to be dangerously obvious, far too easy to detect. And it doesn’t seem necessary. As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve known people who suffered badly broken noses — and had such an injury myself — without our features becoming anywhere near as altered as Zimmerman’s nose is in the Wagner photo. You do not need to go that far to “document” a possible broken nose by a long shot. So why, why, why would someone doctor a photo to such an extreme degree? Obviously I can only speculate. If there was indeed a cover-up of letting-Zimmerman-off, it was likely executed by rank-and-file members of the SPD. Beat cops are generally not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and may not be experts in facial anatomy. Whoever got recruited to do the Photoshopping may be an ace at blending tones and various compositing tricks, but also be ignorant of nasal bone structure and too stupid or pressured for time to look up the relevant information on the Internet. I might also speculate that whoever felt they needed to show Zimmerman with a broken nose needed it to appear to be an OBVIOUS broken nose since Zimmerman did NOT get medical attention for his nose that evening, did NOT get an x-ray, refused referrals to an ENT specialist, and the physicians assistant who gave him a check-up the day after the shooting noted only a “possible” nose fracture on her report.

All that said, I still don’t see a compelling logic to doctor this photo, and if the concrete visual evidence of manipulation wasn’t so blatantly obvious to my eye, I’d have a hard time believing someone would have messed with this picture. But I do think the concrete visual evidence is overwhelming, so I have to put aside my qualms about the rationale that would have led to what I see, and just deal with the physical evidence. (And, again, if some plastic surgeon or other face doctor can give me a specific medical explanation of how these two photos can be reconciled, I’ll happily shut up and post a mea culpa…)

Of course, addressing the WHAT of the photo’s role in the ongoing trial is purely speculative. At least two witnesses — RATL resident Jenna Lauer and EMT Stacey Livingston — have already testified that the photo is a “fair and accurate” representation of how Zimmerman appeared when they first saw him after the shooting. (I missed most of SPD Ofc. Timothy Smith’s testimony, and the Defense may have shown him the photo as well.) Livingston appeared so nervous and fidgety during her testimony I thought she might burst from the witness stand like a jack-in-the-box. I think it’s entirely possible the photo will be shown repeatedly at trial, yet never have it’s authenticity challenged. Obviously, the Defense won’t question it. It’s Exhibit A (figuratively) supporting the argument that Trayvon Martin assaulted George Zimmerman, beginning by sucker-punching him in the nose. But why would the prosecution refrain from pointing out signs of possible manipulation?

The answer is that it has to have been one of their peeps that done it, and they want to convict Zimmerman without exposing the SPD to any sort of corruption charges. State Attorney Angela Corey, who is supervising Zimmerman’s prosecution is a conservative law-and-order Republican, a political ally of Tea Party Governor Rick Scott. Norm Wolfinger, the previous State Attorney on the case, who had to resign from the case citing an un-named and mysterious conflict of interest, and then immediately went into retirement, was also a Scott ally. Though a good number of observers of the case believe Wolfinger interceded in the SPD’s investigation of Zimmerman, and was material in releasing Zimmerman without charge and shutting down the investigation along with then SPD cheif Bill Lee, Corey had nothing but praise for Wolfinger and everyone in the SPD when she took over the case. Regardless of whether Zimmerman is acquitted or convicted and sent to the slammer for life, a scandal revealing that white cops and a white State Attorney conspired to help a white suspect avoid prosecution for the shooting of a black teenager would be very bad politically for Rick Scott. So I don’t expect the prosecution team to take any action that would forward that possibility.

Still, even if the prosecution accepts the Wagner photo at face value [:-)], it seems to me that, at a minimum, they will need to have a medical expert testify that Zimmerman’s injuries were not serious enough to place him in reasonable fear for his life. And that will require said medical experts to opine on both the Wagner photo and the photo of the blood dripping down the back of Zimmerman’s head taken by RATL resident Jonathan Manalo before the police arrived. For example, In the Wagner photo, there isn’t that much blood running down Zimmerman’s lips, and what blood does show there appears to come not from inside his nose (i.e. from the nose being broken) but instead from several small abrasions on the tip of his nose. A physician might also testify that the swelling shown on the right side of Zimmerman’s nose below the small wound is no big deal, especially given that it had subsided by the time the photos at the police station were taken. But I wonder how a trained medical expert looks at that photo and fails to see and comment on the apparent major bone displacement on the bridge of Zimmerman’s nose. Are the prosecutor’s questions just draw any experts’ attention away from the nose bridge? Can the expert just remain mum? Could they even locate an experts who would perjure themselves on this question? Or will the State stay away from interrogating the Wagner photo altogether, even if it risks leading to an acquittal?

Of course, all these questions are moot if I’m wrong about the whole nose-bridge-width thing. But until somebody who knows a heckuva lot more about medicine than I do presents a detailed explanation about how a crooked nose bridge — apparently showing major displacement of both the right maxilla and the nasal bone — can straighten itself back out in a matter of hours, I’m sticking with my “It was Photoshopped!” conclusion. And I will be watching with great curiosity to see what happens with this photo as the trial continues.

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About that photo of George Zimmerman’s bloody and “broken” nose… part 1

June 29, 2013 15 comments

This photo of George Zimmerman has now been introduced as evidence in his trial. At least two witnesses have already testified that it offers a “fair and accurate” representation of how Zimmerman appeared after Trayvon Martin was shot, but before the paramedics attended to him. This worries me, and I have to wonder if these folks are looking closely, or possibly even lying.


I believe this photo has been altered via digital photo-editing software to make Zimmerman’s injuries appear more serious than they actually were.

In this post, I will discuss the visual elements of the picture that have led to my conclusion. In a follow-up post, I will discuss what may, or may not, happen around this photo at trial. Finally, a third post with deal with more digital photo geek tech stuff relating to evidence of manipulation.

Normally, I don’t engage in conspiracy theories. I mean, history tells us that conspiracies of various sorts do happen often enough, but almost all of the conspiracy theories that float through public discussion are based on wild speculation, wishful thinking, a highly questionable cherry-picking of supporting evidence, and a blind eye to telling counter-evidence… This is especially true of the various CTs that have floated through the blogosphere on both sides of the Martin/Zimmerman case.

Yet I find myself presenting an analysis of this photo that necessarily evokes a very troubling conspiracy. I’ve sat on my thoughts about this for a long time, in the hopes that some authoritative commentary would appear that resolves the questions in my mind. That has not happened.

Let me say up front that I am not a medical professional, and my knowledge of facial injuries is limited to that of a moderately well-educated lay person who has done some additional Internet research on facial anatomy. I would like nothing more than for a physician who really knows this stuff to comment on my analysis, and tell me whether they think I’m on to something, or I’m totally off the mark, and explain why in either case.

On December 3rd, 2012  the Defense in the George Zimmerman case released this color photo of Zimmerman taken the evening the defendant shot and killed Trayvon Martin. According to official State documents, the photo was taken by Officer Michael Wagner of the Sanford Police at  7:31PM on the evening of February 26, 2012. Zimmerman had been taken into custody by SPD officer Timothy Smith, handcuffed and placed in the back seat of Smith’s squad car. Zimmerman had not yet been seen by the paramedics, who would later clean up and dress his wounds. Wagner took the photo with his personal iPhone4. According to the records, he took the phone home, uploaded the photo to his computer, erased it from the phone, and then forgot that he had it. He claims he only remembered having the photo some three weeks later when the investigators on the case mentioned that they had no pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries before he was attended to by the EMTs. On March 18th, 2012, Wagner turned the photo over to the investigators via email.

A poor quality Black and White version of the picture had been included in the Prosecution’s first evidence dump in May of 2012, going by largely without notice.


However, when the color version shown above was released, the blogosphere soon issued forth a good number of comments opining that the picture had been “Photoshopped,”. I was initially more than skeptical of these claims, especially since most of what these posts pointed to as evidence of manipulation could easily be explained by the camera angle, lighting, or the characteristics of the cell-phone camera with which it was taken.

But then a post by Tzar on the Frederick Leatherman Law Blog drew my attention to the contours of Zimmerman’s nose in the photo. There’s something about the nose that just doesn’t look right. I began to look at the appearance of the nose in more detail.  I wound up concluding that it could not appear as it does here without the photo having been doctored.

This is not a trivial matter. Although the photo was released to the public by the Defense, it had been given to them by the Prosecution. Thus, the only persons who had had access to the photo before it’s initial passage from the State to the Defense team, the only persons who would have been in a position to alter it, are members of the Sanford Police Department, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the States Attorney’s office. As such, if the photo has indeed been manipulated, then some public official has been tampering with evidence in a criminal investigation, not for the sake of securing an unjust conviction, but in an attempt to aid the accused in beating the rap. Serious shit, to say the least.

To my eye, the primary evidence of falsification comes from comparing this photo to other photos of Zimmerman that were taken by a police photographer at the Sanford Police Station around 11:20PM on the might of the shooting

Here is how Zimmerman appears in one of those photos for comparison.


Below are the noses from the two photos placed side by side. The Wagner nose is on the left, the SPD nose on the right.


The Wagner photo shows swelling on the right side of Zimmerman’s nose (the left side of the nose in the picture). This swelling is not present in the pictures taken at the police station. But let’s say for the moment that a swelling of this nature could have subsided back to normal over the course of almost four hours. But look at the bridge of Zimmerman’s nose, between his eyes and just below.

The structure of the human nose is made up of three different kinds of material.


The bridge, the top of the nose, is a thin layer of skin over the facial bones that form the front of the skull. You can feel this by pressing the bridge of your own nose. It’s solid bone under there. Below that, bone gives way to cartilage, forming the septum and the upper flare of the nostrils. The lower parts of the nostrils are really no more than skin and fat.

My problem with the Wagner photo, in a nutshell, is that it appears to show serious damage to the bones forming the bridge of the nose, and I cannot imagine that any displacement and deformation of actual bone could heal and return to normal appearance within 4 hours, at least not without major medical intervention.

It would be one thing if we were just talking about some sort of swelling here. But the bridge of Zimmerman’s nose is narrower in the Wagner photo than in the SPD photos. This cannot be explained by camera angle or lighting variations. Compare the right side of the nose bridge (again, the left side of the photos as you look at them here) in the side by side photos, starting from the position of the small wound toward the top right of the septum.

You may note that the wound seems to be in a different vertical position in the two photos. This is just a result of the pictures being taken from a different vertical angle in relation to the plane of Zimmerman’s face. What we’re looking for is how the wound relates to the slope of the nose from the top of the bridge down to the corner of the eye, the shape of the nose bridge, and it’s overall width.

The Wagner photo, and the photo on the right, were each taken with Zimmerman’s head turned just slightly to his right in relation to the lens, resulting in a bit of foreshortening on the right side of his face, making the fall-off of the right side of nose shorter than that of the left side. (Again, Zimmerman’s right is the left side of the picture as you look at it.)

Let’s look at the discrepancies one by one:

(1) In the screen-right photo, we can see a decent portion of Zimmerman’s nose ridge to the screen left side of the wound, and also see the side of his nose sloping down towards the corner of his eye. In the Wagner photo, the wound seems to be on the very screen-left of the nose ridge, and there is no visible sloping away towards the eye.


(2) Above the wound, in the Wagner photo, the nose bridge curves INWARD to such a degree that it’s edge is closer to the center line than the wound itself. This results in the bridge being dramatically narrower than it is in the other photo, as I’ve already mentioned.


(3) This curve also leads to the Wagner photo showing two dramatic changes of direction in the line of Zimmerman’s nose ridge, whereas this line is perfectly straight in the other photo.


(4) Note the relationship between the corner of Zimmerman’s right eye and the slope of the nose bridge in the Wagner photo as compared to the photo screen-right. In the right-hand photo, that slope goes right to the corner of the eye. In the Wagner photo, where there is no visible slope to speak of, we see some kind of circular fold of skin between the eye and the rising point of the nose.


Finally, here is a split screen of the two photos, showing the different width of the nose bridge. Due to different camera angles, camera perspectives, and focal lengths, the two heads can not be lined up exactly, but I’ve gotten the nose areas as close as i can, using the uninjured left edge of the nose (frame right edge) and the eyebrows as points of reference.


Again, I’m not a Doctor, but — if only from having had my own nose broken badly enough that I had restricted air flow through one nostril that had to be corrected by surgery — I still have some idea about the malleability (or lack thereof) of facial bones.

When I suffered my own broken nose (taking a charge in a pickup basketball game) I was in extreme pain and my schnoz bled like the proverbial stuck pig. Yet the only visible sign after the bleeding stopped was a small bump on the center of the nose ridgeline — apparent really only if you looked for it. I’ve had several friends suffer broken noses as well — including one guy who was sucker punched in a pickup game, had to go to the hospital, and wound up with a kind of facial cast over his nose as a result. And even this guy had nothing remotely like the degree of change in the shape of his nose depicted in the difference between the two photos above — and Zimmerman received no medical treatment for his nose between it appearing all out of whack at 7:31PM and back to normal at 11:20PM.

In sum, with my lay person’s understanding, I just do not see how these two photos can come from the same universe.

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BCCList Diaspora: Trial thread 1

June 24, 2013 305 comments

I think we can safely say now that there will be no “justice for Trayvon Martin.” George Zimmerman may or may not be convicted, but it seems clear that the buck will stop with him, regardless. Wolfinger, Lee, Smith and the rest of the LEO who were more than willing to fudge their “investigation” to support the idea that GZ “made a good shoot” clearly seem to be off the hook. As far as Zimmerman’s trial is concerned, we’ve seen no sign yet that the State has gone deep enough into the evidence to be able to present the kinds of information we’ve dug up here and on the original BCCList. Just one example: nobody bothered to ask Sean Noffke what GZ was saying during the sections of the 311 recording where GZ’s words are made inaudible by crosstalk. And as Willis noted, the State’s opening statement did not mention the clubhouse videos, GZ’s map, the car to pedestrian chase, the blatant impossibilties of GZ’s “re-enactment,” etc. etc.

In better news today: the National Zoo found the Red Panda that had escaped from his exhibit. The little guy is safe and sound, and no longer in danger of rumbling with the DC tree squirrels.  Yaaay!

Blog away, gang…


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