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New Year, Same Blog…

January 11, 2014 206 comments

It’s 2014. Time marches on. The threads march on…

I just turned 60. Two days before my birthday, a car pulled out of a stalled lane on the freeway right in front of my motorcycle. Crash, and whonoze went flying. If there had been traffic coming behind me in my lane, I probably would have been run over. If I had landed differently, I could have received bones, or a head and/or neck injury. As fate had it, I wound up with nothing worse than bruises and a healthy dose of road rash.

Before we hit a logical post-limit on this thread, the second anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder will probably have passed. It would be nice to think that something positive will have happened by then. But GZ is still Teflon, the SYG laws are still on the books, and Amerikuh is still gun crazy. Well, maybe even more states would have passed SYG laws by now if not for Trayvon’s tragedy. Maybe lives that would otherwise have been lost by now (or in the future) have been saved (or will be saved) by that…

Will karma ever catch up to GZ? Will Angela Corey ever let Marissa Alexander leave her house? Will Michael Dunn be convicted for murder in the shooting of Jordan Davis? (The trial is scheduled to start Feb. 7). Will Theodore Wafer be convicted in the shooting of Renisha McBride? (On Dec. 19th, a judge bound him over for trial.) Will GZ ditch the Latex and spring for some oils as he continues his career in fine art painting?

We shall see.

If you’re bold enough to make any predictions for 2014, feel free to post them below.

And if you want to comment on Chris Christie, or some other topic that seems even remotely connected to our conversations, go right ahead. No need to ask my permission (I do have a delete post function if things get out of hand.) Mi bloga es tu bloga!

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