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The whonoze blog WILL return in 2013

I’ve been busy unloading crap from my hoarder house and preparing for a cross-country move. I have a number of things, old and new, regarding the Martin case I want to write posts about. But the sort of full work-up I want to maintain with posts here has been beyond me lately. Subjects to come will include:
• A revisiting of the security footage of George Zimmerman arriving at the Sanford Police Station, and why and how so many people got what it shows (or rather doesn’t show) so very wrong. It’s not topical, but it remains a prime example of the misunderstanding and misuse of video evidence.

• A video presentation of the security videos from the clubhouse at The Retreat, including tchoupi’s analysis of how “light events” reveal the path of George Zimmerman’s truck, with a time clock showing when these events occurred, and with the security footage accompanied by Zimmerman’s call to the police, and selected portions of the 911 calls added to the soundtrack and also synced to the clock. This will reveal the temporal relationships between different bits of evidence, which so far have mainly been considered individually, rather than in relation to one another. Putting them all together will, I believe, present a more complete perspective of the events surrounding the shooting than we have seen to date.

• An analysis of the photo showing George Zimmerman’s bloody nose, taken at the scene by Ofc. Wagner. Having investigated this photo, I have concluded it has been altered with Photoshop or some similar photo editing software to exaggerate the appearance of Zimmerman’s injuries. If I am correct, this would be definitive evidence of police corruption in the case, since the photo as released to the public has only been in the hands of the Sanford police, the FDLE, and the State Attorney’s office.

• An analysis of disparities between Witness 11’s 911 call, and her and her partner Jeremy’s (W20) statements to the police.

None of this will appear real soon. I hope the clubhouse security camera will be done by 2/1/2013, but if wishes were horses…

Until we blog again, my friends…

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  1. onlyiamunitron
    January 3, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    I think Wagner’s picture of Zimmerman was altered by the “fish-eye” lens aspect of cell phone cameras, and who knows what re-res’ing has done, but if someone were deliberately going to tamper with evidence and the whole Sanford PD was going to stand behind it, wouldn’t they have done a better, more realistic, job?


  2. January 29, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    Whonoze, I appreciate the video you submitted to Leatherman’s blog and all the work that the team put into it. Outstanding job!!! And see — you completed it before 2/1/2013. 🙂 Seeing your blog site address posted, thought I’d come over and thank you here. May you have a safe cross-country trip.

  3. 2dogsonly
    February 15, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    Whonoze, about the photo, remember it wasn’t given to FDLE until case heated up.Jeremy “forgot” he had taken it and had downloaded it from his cell to his computer. So photoshop may have been done by him when he was in the MMA beat down fantasy. He was going to make some money, IMHO, and could have enhanced it for that reason. Wouldn’t it be great if his phone was also searched.

    It was badly altered as his nose is noticeably thinner as well as his face. Very poorly done.

    Hope your move went smoothly and you are settling in. Your work is masterful.

    • 2dogsonly
      February 15, 2013 at 10:14 PM

      Sorry, was thinking it was pix Jeremy took. Totally forgot Wagner’s pix. How long was it in his cell before “remembering” .

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