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GZ’s last u-turn

At 7:11:15 in GZ’s NEN call, there is a ‘whoosh whoosh’ sound in the background, followed by a thump.  I am relatively sure this is GZ turning the steering wheel and then putting the truck back into ‘Park.’ My hypothesis is that GZ was parked on TTL facing the clubhouse (West), and that after Trayvon walked past him he made a u-turn so he could continue to surveil Trayvon. Thus he was parked facing East when he left the truck.

tchoupi’s security video analysis (http://imgur.com/a/bcAII) indicates GZ’s drove slowly past the mailbox area, continued East on TTL, and then made a u-turn and turned off his lights, all before he placed the NEN call. (Lights go off at ~ 7:09:00; GZ calls the cops at 7:09:34). tchoupi does not mention another u-turn after this in his analysis.

However, there actually is a ‘light event’ on TTL, captued by the East Pool security camera,  around the time I’m thinking GZ made that last u-turn during the call. That might be GZ u-turning, or not. You’d have to ask tchoupi to parse the patterns. If GZ did make a turn, he might not have turned on his lights right away.

What we DO know from the security video is that GZ did NOT have his lights on during the first part of the NEN call. There seems to have been enough light in the clubhouse area for him to see Trayvon there w/o the use of his headlights.

We also DO know, per NLME’s meticulous investigation into the Ridgeline warning chimes, that at some point GZ turned his lights back on, and he did not turn them off when he left the truck. We can also see that the the truck lights do NOT show up for any significant period of time in the East Pool video around the time he left the truck. Therefore, it’s logical to conclude that the lights were on, but the truck was facing the other way at this time.

This makes sense in terms of the fact that various witnesses have observed that the area of the T is poorly lit. Once TM walked past GZ’s truck, he not only would have been harder to surveil because GZ would have to use his mirrors, but also because he would have been heading into darkness.

If GZ did make that last u-turn to continue to keep Trayvon in sight, even without turning Trayvon would have had to see the headlight beams coming around and stopping when they captured him in their path. One would think this would have scared him enough to mention the lights to DeeDee, but she does not say anything about him describing movement of the truck. About this time, though, she is saying he’s scared, he says the man is following him, she’s telling him to run, and he says he’s going to wait to run “from the back.” The sounds I’m interpreting as this last u-turn occur 26 seconds before GZ sees Trayvon start to run. This is about the time is would have taken him him, walking fast, to travel from where tchoupi thinks the truck was stopped to just before the T where he took off running.

So,basically, i think everything adds up to there being one last u-turn about 30 seconds before GZ began his pursuit by foot.

I can only imagine how eerie it must have been for Trayvon to see those headlights swing around from behind and settle on his path, and what must have been running through his mind for those 26 seconds. He must have fought back his flight instincts, mustering the courage NOT to run, until he reached the North-South sidewalk.

  1. ada4750
    August 29, 2012 at 6:02 AM

    This is for sure interesting and has the advantage of being tied with tchoupi analysis. It may also explain the curious circling he wrote in his written statement and described to Doris Singleton the same night and on the re-eneactment but strangely absent in the NEN call. To be noticed, the circling desciption differs from the audio inrerview and the re-enactment. Also his move from the Club House to the TTL is never clear except of course on the re-enectment. This improves your hypothesis.

    Now, as i asked before for others things, why GZ would lie about this? What difference it makes if he said the story along with your hypothesis beside the one he gave? In wich way your hypothesis is aggravating for him? Is it because it implies that he spotted Trayvon Martin from outside the gated communauty? But even so, why this would be so serious that he had to lie about it?

    • August 29, 2012 at 8:07 AM

      GZ is lying to paint himself as an innocent bystander and Trayvon as an aggressor. By the time he does the ‘re-enactment’ he knows Martin was just walking home to Brandi Green’s unit. GZ is hiding the fact that he went out looking for the “asshole”, not to go shopping at Target. He did not spot TM by Taaffe’s, but FOUND him by the mailboxes as tchoupi’s light analysis indicates. To support this lie, in the re-enactment he makes additional lies, says he parked facing East, so TM a) never is paused by the mailboxes, b) must have aggressive intent when he approaches the truck moving away from home instead of toward home.

      He can’t admit TM was just hanging by the mailboxes to stay out of the rain because that’s non-aggressive. He can’t admit Trayvon was just walking toward home when he walked toward GZ’s truck. He can’t admit he turned his truck around to get a better view of TM’s path down the sidewalk, because he can’t admit he was facing the mailboxes to begin with (even though Frank Taffe said GZ told him he was parked in that direction…).

  2. ada4750
    August 29, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    GZ told his story to D. Singleton the same evening, before he learned about Trayvon Martin.

    Just to be clear. You are saying that GZ made two u-turn. One with the lights on from east to west and the other one with the lights off from west to east. In the interview it is not clear when he moved his car. Singleton asked him to draw (i suppose) on a map the all event. He first put his car somewhere on TTL and seconds later moved it on the drawing. As if the first time he put the place when he was facing west (and when the circling, which they were talking at this moment, may happened) but changed the draw to maybe the place after his last u-turn.

    You wrote “he went out looking for the “asshole”, not to go shopping at Target”. Do you mean someone (maybe Taaffe) warned him about Trayvon Martin?

    When he past in front on the mailbox where was he coming from? I think the camera in front of the Club House didn’t register any car. Did he travel RCV from his house counterclockwise and when he arrived The Club House turn on TTL? I am saying that because if Taaffe called him and said a suspicious guy is walking RVC clockwise, by the time GZ got ready maybe he thought the guy would have reached too far and it would be better counterclockwise. He may also had be on phone with Taaffe all this time and hang up with him to call NEN, That would explain why Taaffe said GZ was parking facing west. Anyhow, i suppose the prosecutors had check everyone phone log.

    GZ may also had exit the community from the east entrance and went back at the main entrance. I am not familiar with tchoupi analysis but i think there was some traffic at this entrance just before the NEN call.

    I plot this scenario only to find a reason for GZ to lie about facts that happened before the end of his NEN call. Because obviously what is really important is what happened after his NEN call.

    • August 29, 2012 at 12:05 PM

      Yes, I think he made two u-turns on TTL, one before the call, one during. I think his lights are visibile from the second u-turn in one frame, but you’d have to ask tchoupi.

      Yes, I expect he was alerted to Trayvon’s presence by a 3rd party. Possibly Mark Osterman, possibly Frank Taaffee, possibly someone not yet identified.

      For the path of GZ’s vehicle, check tchoupi’s Imgur.

      It may be futile to seek a reason for why GZ says what he says. When his statements and the ‘re-enactment’ were made public I simply could not believe how far they deviated from the facts established by the NEN call. I didn’t expect his story to be fully truthful, but I expected it to be far more plausible than it is.

      You are correct, of course, in saying: “what is really important is what happened after his NEN call.” However, there is something like narrative continuity at work. Different scenarios of what happened after make more or less sense depending on what happened during the call and before. So the two things are not entirely mutually exclusive.

      • August 29, 2012 at 12:11 PM

        there have been no reports of where Taaffe was that evening AFAIK. I used to think he may have tipped GZ. B ut the more time passes, I have begun to feel that Taaffe was not involved, and has inserted himself into the case because he is starving for attention and validation.

  3. ada4750
    August 29, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    Oh i am sorry … I just read “Who keeps the gate in the gated community?” You were talking about Mark Osterman. What about Taaffe? Was he in his house that evening? If yes, wouldn’t be very possible that he tipped GZ?

  4. ada4750
    August 29, 2012 at 12:15 PM

    I just listen again the NEN call but this time imagining GZ on TTL facing west. And you are right, it makes a lot of sense. The action is clear opposite with the other version. With the GZ version it is confusing because it seems that action switch place kind of magically but at an unknown moment from the front of the Club House to TTL. It also fits quite well with DeeDee testimony.

    So i guess my question has to be reversed. If it can be prove that GZ lied on what appeared to be an unimportant question that implies he must had a very serious reason to do so. And the reason is …

  5. ada4750
    August 29, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    OK and i just look the path from tchoupi who suggested. He drove from his house clockwise along RVC and past over TTL came back a full minute later in front of the Club House and then turn on TTL. This suggests that the first time he didn’t know where was Trayvon Martin. Which means GZ was there on a tip.

    • August 29, 2012 at 2:21 PM

      Careful. It strongly suggests he was there on a tip. It doesn’t prove it BRD.

  6. ada4750
    August 31, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    I hope to be forgiven if i post this comment in the wrong section. I read again your post about DeeDee. There is four ultra major omissions (had to be volontary) in the De la Ronda interview.

    — According to DeeDee and also the timeline, Trayvon past around two or three minutes near his house. What were they talking during that time?
    — She knew Trayvon was in serious trouble. How come she didn’t call 911 or somebody else when she realized that Trayvon seemed no more able to answer her calls?
    — Why she didn’t tell anybody about that when she learned Trayvon’s fate?
    — Why did she say having guilt to De la Ronda?

    Of cousre the last question is likely to be a consequence of some of the previous.

    I know my comment is not very original but i am quite surprised and a bit disapointed that there isn’t more discussion about this in the Trayvon Team blogs. For the common good, i hope DeeDee will testify even if she, for sure, will be submit to a tough cross-examination.

  7. ada4750
    September 1, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    Oh boy .. I am quite late in my reading. The interview with Singleton i referred before was the second of the evening. I just listened the first one and GZ made no reference at all of the Club House. I don’t know the laps of time between the two interview but it looks like he built his first version during that time. Here is how the first interview really start.


    Zimmerman: Um, and this time I was leaving to go to the grocery store
    and, like I said, I saw him, um, walking in the neighborhood the same, in
    front of the same house that I had called the police before to come to
    because this guy leaves his doors unlocked and stuff. And he was walking
    leisurely and looking at the houses, and, um, so I just pulled my car to
    the side and I called the non emergency line, um

    Singleton: OK. Were you, were you, were you armed at this point?

    Zimmerman: Yes, ma’am.

    Singleton: You were already armed.

    Zimmerman: Yes, ma’am.

    Singleton: OK.

    Zimmerman: Um, I called the non emergency line and I just reported that
    there was a suspicious person in the neighborhood. Um, the dispatcher,
    whoever answered the phone asked me where they went and I said I wasn’t
    sure because I lost visual of him when he went in between houses. And,
    uh, he said well can you tell me what direction he went. I said not
    really. Um, and then all of a sudden I see him circling my car. And, and
    then he goes back into the darkness. So..


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