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Calling Rush and the ‘Feminazis,’ Martin/Zimmerman hits the social issue trifecta

While not just the MSM but most of the blogosphere wasn’t looking, the next biggest area of social contention that hasn’t yet characterized the Martin/Zimmerman case just set off a stinkbomb over in the corner. How far and fast the fumes spread, and how strong they’ll turn out to be remain to be seen, but there’s a lot of potential for drama, melodrama and punditry.

I’m talking about Witness 9.

Who is witness 9?

W9 is a woman who called the SPD and told LEO Perkins that she knew George Zimmerman personally, very well, and that not only GZ but his whole family were mean-spirited bigots who frequently used racial epithets and engaged in a variety of hate-speech amongst themselves. As Perkins tries to clarify his understanding of what she’s saying, he asks her how she knows GZ. Her response strongly suggests that she is GZ’s former fiance, who “filed a petition for an injunction against Zimmerman, citing domestic violence” in 2005.  “Zimmerman responded by filing a petition of his own the following day. The fight led to protective injunctions that expired Aug. 24, 2006.” (LA Times)

W9 was subsequently interviewed by Florida SAO investigators Post and Rick according to the prosecution’s records, but that does not seem to be among the evidence in the document dump, while the initial call with Perkins is on the ABC discovery docs page.

If the prosecution follows the path established in the Affadavit of Probable Cause, they will not be attempting to establish racial prejudice as GZ’s  “depraved mind.” The reference to profiling in the Affadavit is notable for not mentioning race, and the State argued that GZ said “f-ing punks” not “f-ing coons.” As such, we would not expect W9 to be called by the prosecution unless they change their strategy. But she remains a potential rebuttal witness should the defense include any character witnesses for GZ who claim he is a kindly man with no animus towards people of any race, creed, nation, hairstyle, etc.

And if W9’s charges against GZ hit the media eye, it’s pretty easy to conjecture about what will happen next. Her credibility will be resoundingly attacked, and her testimony discounted as the delusional ranting of a vengeful ‘ex.’ Limbaugh will have a field day with her, Hannity and others will probably pile on as well, but Rush will use that special talent of his to stand out.  At which point every advocate for victims of domestic violence will be called to arms, demanding that the public (and the court) “Believe the women!” and cursing all who would “Blame the victim.”

So, to add to the white legal establishment ignoring the shooting of a black youth (RACE), and a kid from the city being criminalized for showing up in a gated community (CLASS), the backdrop of the Zimmerman trial could easily hit the social-issue-hot-button trifecta with the politics of violence-against-women and the pooh-poohing of same by the powers that be (GENDER). Once that suitcase gets opened a lot of stuff could come tumbling after: like the fact that the eye-witnesses whose accounts seem harmful to Zimmerman are all women, and the male witnesses either support GZ’s story (W6) or have nothing remotely damning (W13, W20), and of course all the cops and officials involved in letting GZ go are male (Smith, Ayala, Serino, Lee, Wolfinger…).

World, can you smell what Witness 9 is cooking?

Tick, tick, tick…

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