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Click-clack conspiracy theory

I posted a new version of my annotated YouTube video of GZ’s police call, with more notes on the background sounds, including my hypothesis that the loud clicking noise at 7:12:16 is NOT GZ messing with his pistol.

I’m more interested in the sounds from before GZ leaves his vehicle, and whether they indicate that he is driving and then parks during the call. But the clicking seems to interest people more. One commenter assures me that this is the sound a Kel-Tec K9 would make, and I can imagine a possible scenario in which GZ might have held the gun close enough to the mic to get that loud and crisp sound.

Another commenter is just as adamant that the loud click is the opening of a screen door, and the series of more subdued taps that follow are GZ knocking on someone’s glass patio door. I remain extremely doubtful that a screen door could have made a sound that would have recorded with the clarity of those clicks. (My guess is that they are result of GZ handling his headset.) But I remember seeing somewhere on the Interwebs (I forget where) a site or YouTube vid that came to the same conclusion: that this part of GZ’s police call records him seeking entrance to some friendly home in the vicinity of the shooting.

So lets look at that hypothesis, and see where it would go if we could somehow confirm that those noises are a screen opening and tapping on a glass door. There are only three units along the sidewalk between TTL and RVC that have screened in rear porches. On all the others, one would not need to open a screen to tap on the glass door. The screened units are all end units on TTL: 1211, 1251, and 1311.

If GZ enters a screened porch and knocks on a rear door, there is no sonic evidence of a door opening or GZ stepping inside an enclosed space during his call. That is, we can say those things probably did not happen. But this scenario could account for GZ’s sudden change of plan with the police operator at 7:13:21, “Actually could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at?” This could perhaps be a response to GZ’s friend belatedly appearing to check out the knocks. GZ could have held up his hand, and indicated that he was on the phone, keeping the friend from opening the door and admitting him until he hung up his police call.

The call ends at 7:13:38, which would put GZ inside the friend’s unit  at about 7:14:00. But why would GZ seek entry? Maybe he just wanted to get out of the rain and have a vantage point from which he could watch to see if TM reappeared. With no lighting behind it, a screen would act as a scrim in the dark, allowing someone on the porch to look out without being able to be seen from the outside. So perhaps GZ is inside a dark screened-in porch, and a minute or so after his call ends TM does stroll up the sidewalk. Perhaps TM’s thinking the strange man is gone, and he wants to continue his conversation with DeeDee for awhile without having to deliver the Tea and Skittles to Chad Martin and engage the younger boy in conversation. So he just wanders North up the sidewalk. Zimmerman exits the porch as Martin passes, surprising TM by seeming to come out of nowhere following him again… which would seem to fit with DeeDee’s account (occuring in the “couple minutes later” that FSA de la Rionda gob-smackingly fails to ask DeeDee to detail).

So, again IF something like this happened, there are only three possible locations. 1211 is the residence of witnesses W20 (Jeremy) and W11, the woman who placed the first 911 call, logged at 7:16:11, which contains the sounds of screaming and the gunshot. Their unit being North of the shooting, it’s hard to see how GZ entering their unit could lead to an encounter that Trayvon would describe to DeeDee as being followed again. It would also mean W11 and W2o are so in the bag for GZ that they have exposed themselves to serious jail time for aiding and abetting, obstruction etc.  I doubt it. So that leaves the units at 1251 and 1311. As far as I know, the residents of those units have not been interviewed by investigators. Only the officers who canvassed the neighborhood would know if there were signs of anyone home at the time, whether anyone answered the door, whether anyone said “No, sorry, I didn’t see or hear anything.”

So, the next question is, could GZ have reached either of those units in the time between the closing of his car door and the clicking noise. That’s 28 seconds. 1251 is between 80-100 yards from where GZ’s truck was parked (exact location still unknown). 1311 is 90-110 yards. I figure walking speed as 1.5 yds/sec, jogging speed as 3 yds/sec, and running speed as 5-7 yds/sec for a non-athelete. So jogging GZ would cover about 80 yards in 28 seconds, and running he could cover at least 140 yards. He’s not that winded when he stops his accelerated pursuit, so his pace was probably closer to a jog. But it’s not at all unreasonable to imagine he could have reached 1251, and also plausible he could have reached 1311.

I still don’t think that’s the sound of a screen door, unless GZ was squatting so his head was inches from the latch when he opened it. Even then, it strikes me as unlikely that opening the latch would be so loud, but sliding the door open would make no sound captured by the recording. However, if you think it is a screen door, followed by knocks on glass, there’s your conspiracy theory. GZ hid out at 1251 Twin Trees or 1311 Twin Trees.

I should note, though, that a conspiracy theory is not necessary. Maybe the clicking is a screen door, but the following taps are not knocking on a glass door. Since we’re getting all hypothetical here, GZ could have noticed that no one was home at 1251 or 1311, tried the screen door in search of a ‘blind’ to watch for the “asshole,” and found it unlocked. He then could have waited inside, alone, for a short while before seeing TM walking North up the walk.

Is this extremely conjectural? Yes. Do I think this happened? No. But it’s not impossible. It’s less improbable than, say, suffering no concussion and only two small cuts that healed without sutures after having someone slam your head into concrete for over 45 seconds.

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