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Where the hell is ABC’s tape of DeeDee’s interview with Benjamin Crump?

Somebody seems to be hiding something, though I can’t imagine why.

Among the audio files released in the discovery dump is a very poor quality recording of Benjamin Crump’s interview with ‘DeeDee.’ Trayvon martin’s friend who was on the phone with him until the beginning of his physical confrontation with George Zimmerman. Reports I’ve seen in the MSM and the blogosphere just seem to pass on this recording because of it’s general unintelligibility, perhaps assuming that DeeDee’s subsequent interview with prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda covers all the necessary ground. However, we have already seen that many, if not most of the witnesses in this case have inconsistencies from statement to statement, and from statements to their 911 calls (for those witnesses who called 911, natch). So any careful investigator is going to want to compare DeeDee’a interview with de la Rionda to what she told Crump earlier.

Well, an ABC News crew was present when Crump interviewed DeeDee, and ABC ran a number of stories that included sound bites of DeeDee that are as clear as a bell.


Whonoze has determined with 100% certainty that these soundbites come from the same interview with Crump as the poor quality recording included in the discovery dump. Furthermore whonoze had determined that ABC’s clips are not merely the Crump recording cleaned-up somehow, but an entirely different recording. As the Crump recording makes clear, and as ABC never bothered to mention, this was a telephone interview. Crump and DeeDee were not in the same room. The Crump recording seems to have been made by a portable recorder or cell phone, picking up voices in the room, and DeeDee’s voice coming over speakerphone, with lots of room ambience and distortion. On the other hand, the ABC recording seems to have been made from a direct patch into the telephone audio.

I cannot imagine a professional news crew failing to record the entire conversation. The logical conclusion is that ABC News has a completely intelligible recording of the Crump-DeeDee interview in it’s entirety, and either a) ABC has not turned that tape over to the prosecution, and the prosecutors have failed to subpoena it,  or b) the prosecution has the ABC tape and chose not to include it in the discovery, but substitute the wretched Crump recording instead.

Either way I can only see this as a FAIL for Corey’s office. If a) is the case: how could competent investigators not know that ABC has a clear recording, when it’s been played on national TV numerous times, or knowing that fail to subpoena it? If b) is the case… Well, I’m not a lawyer by any means, but to my humble layperson’s mind disclosing an unusable copy of evidence as part of discovery when a usable copy exists would seem to violate the whole principle of discovery. There’s not enough evidence here to call for an ethics investigation, AFAIK.

(One perhaps far out possibility: At the beginning of the report linked above, Matt Gutman mentions the U.S. Justice Department opening an investigation into Martin’s death. I don’t know if the Feds could have subpoenaed the ABC tape, and then denied access to it to Corey’s office. I mean that doesn’t seem to make sense, but this blog isn’t titled whonoze for nothing.)

Regardless, I think someone with some juice, Mark O’Mara maybe, ought to be asking some questions to ABC and Angela Corey. It’s possible that O’Mara got the ‘good’ recording, and only the ‘public’ has been given the ‘bad’ recording. In which case every news organization not affiliated with ABC, like the New York Times maybe, ought to be be asking what happened to the ABC audio.


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