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Who was screaming? Another take.

All the commentary on ‘who was screaming’ seems to based on attempts to identify the screaming voice by comparing it to the voices of the two men. So Sybrena Fulton hears Trayvon, Robert Zimmerman Sr. hears George, etc. etc. But there’s another way to look at it, or rather to listen to it.

The last scream for help begins (that is the ‘h’ becomes audible) exactly 1.1 seconds before the shot is fired. Thus, it would seem Zimmerman has to have the gun in his hand before that scream is uttered. Why would you yell for help one second before your finger closes on a trigger? I mean, you’re sort of past the ‘help’ stage at that point. You might yell, “Stop or I’ll shoot!” But there’s nothing like that on the recording.

I’m sure Team Z will retort, ‘well there was a struggle for the gun.’ Perhaps, there was, but I can’t see how that would be possible if the Team Z account of the struggle is correct. George Zimmerman’s arms were supposedly pinned down by Trayvon Martin as Martin dealt repeated concussive blows to his skull by slamming it against concrete, one more blow away from a persistent vegitative state according to Robert Jr… That might be an exaggeration, but we might expect a person to be somewhat weakened and woozy from taking multiple blows to the head against a hard surface. So how does a groggy GZ manage to free his arms and unholster his gun, against an opponent who supposedly has had complete physical control over him, and how does the wounded GZ manage to win the struggle for the gun against this superior antagonist to the point where he is able to put a bullet directly into Trayvon Martin’s heart from a few inches away? Well, the logical answers are “he doesn’t.”

If there was a struggle for the gun, they Trayvon Martin lost. And if Trayvon Martin lost that means Zimmermans arms were not pinned under Trayvon Martin’s legs. It also means that Zimmerman had unholstered the gun and had a good grip on it before the last cry for help went out. Which means there’s good reason to suspect that this cry did not come from George Zimmerman. And since all the cries sound like they’re coming from the same person, that means there’s good reason to suspect none of the cries recorded on the 911 call belong to Zimmerman.

This does not, of course, ‘prove’ that Zimmerman did not cry for help. He clearly did receive injuries after all. The 911 call does not record the beginning of the fight, which according to the witnesses who made the first call, had been going on for a fair number of seconds before they realized the seriousness of the situation by virtue of hearing the first screams and then picked up the phone. It is entirely possible that W6 John observed the beginning of the fight, at a point where Martin was on top, and that Zimmerman did call out to John for help. John went inside immediately, and saw no more of events until he looked out his upstairs window well after the shot went. So, it’s possible that after taking a shot to the nose and a couple bangs to the back of his head, which would only have taken a few seconds, Zimmerman was able to use his superior weight to engineer a reversal, and wind up on top of Trayvon Martin, 9mm pistol in hand, and all the screaming we hear in the 911 call comes after that point. I’m not saying I can prove this is what happened, or that I want to claim this is what happened. I’m merely saying it’s a possibility that cannot be ruled out. It would also help reconcile John’s testimony of Trayvon-on-top, which does seem to correspond to an early part of the fight, to other witnesses testimony of Zimmerman-on-top, all of which seem to correspond to points just before or just after the shot was fired.

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  1. ada4750
    July 5, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    Well this is a disappointment, because i really thought that they could certified who was screaming.

    About screaming when about to fire. It’s funny because i raised exactly that point in a french canadian blog dedicated to the USA. It doesn’t make much sens. Now, if TM noticed the gun (wasn’t it supposed to be very dark?) Should logically Zimmerman had to try his best for the gun stay in his pocket knowing also that the police was coming? I can’t wait to read the ballistic study.

    Another point is that they may as well both scream and even maybe in the same time. For example, in the beginning TM may had scream because he had no idea what was going on and Zimmerman because he coudn’t control the kid.

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