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GZ’s injuries: Is there a Doctor in the house?

Sometimes what is absent can be as telling as what is present.  We’ve had the cell phone pic of GZ’s back-of-the-head injuries for over a month,

and the discovery dump contains a thorough selection of clear photos of his head from every angle. Yet, while we’ve heard a gaggle of lawyers and pundits weigh in opining either that these injuries are serious enough to prove a self-defense claim, or that they are too superficial to support Team Z’s story of how Mr. Zimmerman was beaten, AFAIK not one qualified Medical Doctor has weighed in on the evidence. (Please do correct me if I’m wrong here, and post a link.) Now certainly, all the networks have a variety of medical experts on call, none of whom seem to have been brought in. Beyond that, I would guess any good ER doc would have an opinion about the kinds of wounds one would receive in a fistfight, and a look through the Yellow Pages in any major city ought to identify a specialist or two in Traumatic Brain Injury. What have we heard from such qualified folks? Nada, AFAIK.

Nor does any such expert show on the prosecution’s witness list. At first I thought this extremely odd, but as we have now heard that anything related to George Zimmerman’s statements to the police has been redacted, that may explain that. But why then are ‘forensic audio’ guys Tom Owen and Ed Primeau on the witness list? (Well, they rate their own post…)

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  1. ada4750
    July 5, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    When i first saw the photos from the police station i couldn’t believe it was from hitting the sidewalk. Because they were to high over the head and too linear, specially the left one.

    But, from the reenact video, we can see that those injuries were possible from the side of the sidewalk. The different orientations of the two cut suggest that GZ changed his position on the ground. No doubt, GZ get stunned and at this point and he was fearing for his live. The cut at his noze may come from the ice tea can because i find it hard access for a fist. I wonder if a radiography had been done.

    Now, we have to be very suspicious with GZ claim about TM intentions. Nobody else heard the words that he said TM pronounced. It is very possible that TM was very scared also and his was fighting for his live. The injuries to GZ’s head were then almost certainly accidental in the sense that TM was only trying to get control over GZ. Myself i find very very had to believe that TM pronounced “You’re going to die tonight” That’s a movie line very unlikely for a scary teen. But maybe GZ had this thought and used it later against TM to clear himself.

    Anyhow this was the beginning, it is not known if Zimmerman went back on his feet before the gun shot. To my opinion, that the only way that GZ can be found guilty of second degree murder. I suppose that the ballistic study will be very helpful to answer this question.

    If not, they will have to prove the DeeDee version (or something close to it) to find GZ guily of manslaughter. I think technically the second degree is still possible but i don’t think that the jury will go for if GZ was still under TM.

    Finally talking about doctors. I would like very much a opinion on this. TM was shut right through the heart and his lungs collapsed from the bullet fragments. But still GZ said that after he said “you got me” and even went up to his feet for a instant. GZ even said that TM was still talking once back to the ground. Is this possible? Medical opinion please.

    On the first interview with Ms Singleton, she went back on GZ deposition. GZ clearly hesitated to repeat TM words. Singleton went on his help suggesting him the answer. Actually she did that few more times in the interview avoiding GZ to contradict himself.

    Unfortunately, the interview conducted the February 26 and 29 by policemen Serino and Singleton were unprofessional. Serino raised plenty of good questions but never went to end of them permetting GZ uncompleted answers and switching constantly from a point to another point. The all thing looked way too improvised.

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